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Digital Marketing Head

Remote WFH

Full Time

About Yugorithm

Here’s the story on how we got started

Established in 2021, Yugorithm is created with a dream to aid clients in achieving their mission, vision, and values. Before starting the virtual assistance service, the founder took on the role to ensure that he will be able to learn the ropes and teach his teammates how to do it. In the same year, Yugorithm was able to receive its first clients, building the team as they go.

It was quite a journey as the team are slowly building their foundations and with it catering to the needs of their growing number of clients.
With 25 years of experience in operations, stakeholders, project management, and process improvement, the team continuously improved – learning not just from their clients but from each other. It was a smooth transition for the team to adapt from their previous job environment to working as virtual assistants given the amount of experience that they have. They were also able to streamline and optimize the process which enabled them to better serve their clients.
Together, the team developed the company’s mission, vision, and core values that are focused on bringing the best service to their clients and the best experience to their growing team.

Job Description

The Role

Examples of work you may find yourself doing
– Launch an email drip series (Klaviyo) to coincide with a product launch
– Manage social media team to align content with your overall strategy
– Create our email strategy (data input, frequency, content, KPIs) for a B2B brand
– Work with copywriters (3rd party) to create content for a new page on our website that you want to create
– Review SEO teams dashboard, overlay to leads generated by organic search, and provide feedback for further updates and reviews
– Create a post-sale review gathering process for a local business
– Setup dashboard of our properties for quick, at-a-glance reviews with the leadership team
– Establish marketing KPIs and measure them
– Work with the product team before a photo shoot to share your needs for the different mediums where the photos will live post-production
– Re-merchandise Shopify pages and update thumbnails to increase conversions
– Things you should have mastered
– Deep knowledge of google analytics. Parsing data. Ability to pull and create action-oriented reports
– Inner workings of an email system (Mailchimp, Klaviyo) – creating drip campaigns, creating of off campaigns, template management
– Freelancer recruitment and management – holding them to timelines and project management



Things that would be nice if you have knowledge of:

Amazon Seller Central
Primary SEO work
5+ years of digital marketing management

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